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 Summer's trip to the WAWE Young Riders Championship in Portugal

It is a tremendous honor to be able to represent the USA in WE at the Young Riders World Championships.   Summer will get to ride and learn from Pedro Torres, and ride some top horses.   We hope to make friends and experience the camaraderie and challenging competition that WE is well known for.  Whether Summer makes it to the podium or not,  she is a winner just by getting to go to the competition and ride.  


Summer and Amy are very thankful to all the friends and family who have supported her efforts to raise the funding for this trip.  We had people from 15 states, and 2 Canadian provinces contribute to her fundraising efforts.  We succeeded in raising $21,000 which should cover the majority of our trip if we don't have any unforeseen circumstances pop up.   


We invite all of our supporters to follow us on Amy's FB page and on Summer's FB page and Summer's instagram.   We hope you all enjoy our trip as well. 

 Follow Summer on Facebook  as she travels to Portugal on the adventure of a lifetime.

The quick and easy way to help Summer get to Portugal and represent the USA is to make a direct donation to her GoFundMe page

Heres a personal  message from Summer Star on Instagram to all her supporters

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