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I’ve often said there is nothing better for the inside of the man, than the outside of the horse.

Ronald Reagan


The Mares ...
the heart of the program

Belle Star

Belle Star was born in 2006,  she was bred to be a keeper and she is a very sensitive and athletic mare.  Too much horse for most riders, but so much fun for Amy and Summer.   Bright bay with a blaze and hind socks,  she has been ridden western and working equitation, parades and trail rides.   This mare stands 15.2 hands, and has more heart than any other horse on the ranch.  Belle has been primarily a riding horse,  but as her competition schedule slows down she will be raising more foals.  To date Belle's foals are : Glory B Star, Olympia Star and Revelry Star


Olympia Star

Olympia Star born in 2018, by Sherep out of Belle Star.   Olympia is a personality plus, and is very trainable.   She will be competing in Working Equitation and western dressage.   



Orli is a 2019 buckskin filly, bred by ASHMOR Farms in New York.  Double registered with IALHA and APSL.   Orli is just starting her saddle trainng with intentions to compete in Working Equitation. Her first foal is Sugar n Spice Star. 


Reina Star

Reina is a matriarch of the Star Ranch.   She was born in 1998, and is going strong though retired from competition.   Reina is a buckskin 1/2 Lusitano, 1/4 Spanish and 1/4 Paint.   She had a successful career in IALHA Shows, and Working Equitation.   A favorite horse of Summer for many years.  Still a favorite of friends and visitors.  Reina has only raised a few foals because she was such a valuable riding horse.   Her foals include: Xander Star,  Azulito Star, Divinia Star, Gaia Star


Xila Star

Xila Star was born in 2003.   1/2 Lusitano and 1/2 PRE.   Xila stands 16.2 hands and is a big mover.   She earned National titles in Halter, Carriage driving, Working Equitation, Doma Vaquera, Hunter, as well as Purebred Versatility Champion.  She has raised many beautiful foals: Fyre Star, Heliodoro Star, Opal Star, Porsche Star, Quorage Star, and Riviera Star

2006 Rmihc show Amy riding Reina ponying Xila LONG trot.JPG

Gaia Star

Gaia Star, out of Reina Amberina and by Davinci Star born in 2011.  Gaia is 7/8th Lusitano 1/8th Paint and registered with IALHA as a partbred.   Gaia has produced some exceptional foals:  Macario Star, Nitro Star, Pantero Lusobrio, Rowan Star and Sarafina.

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