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It’s a lot like nuts and bolts, if the rider’s nuts, the horse bolts!

Nicholas Evans

Amy's Horse Training Paradigm

Amy has been training horses since the 1980's and her approach has evolved with her skills and experiences.   Amy's keen senses of timing, feel and observation allow her to make positive changes in horses with less stress.   Amy wants to cultivate a trusting partnership in all her horses.   

Multi-day clinics

Amy teaches weekend clinics all over the USA and Canada.   She teaches both introductory sessions and advanced working equitation.    She is willing to work with riders of all levels riding any breed of horse.   The best clinics are the ones people want to return to, again and again, this is the case with Amy's clinics.  These clinics are typically 8-12 riders, and involve both sessions on dressage test principles and obstacles for working equitation.  Summer Star often accompanies Amy to teach clinics and is also available to teach.  


Small group clinics in Southern AZ, on a recurring schedule

Amy has several locations that she teaches, bi-weekly clinics in several areas in Southern AZ.   These are small group clinics (3-6 riders), hosted by private stables.  Students enjoy the group atmosphere and encouraging camaraderie.  Many of Amy's student have been riding with her for many years.   


Horse Training

Amy is occasionally able to take on outside horses for training.   She offers both starting horse training and tune ups and advanced training for horses.   Prices start at $900  Refresher or lite training is $750 a month. There is a 2 month minium required. 

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